bespoken is our online community with members in 120 countries across the globe. The community is the result of research work carried out in 2010 where we found that:

  • People are the experts in independent living: They create solutions, fixes and workarounds on a regular basis. bespoken seeks to share this expertise with a wider audience to drive innovation.
  • People want to share their knowledge, expertise and insightbespoken gives the opportunity for people to engage with designers, developers and technology companies to improve existing products or innovate new ones.
  • People are often unaware of exactly what exists to support their independence: The array of independent living options, and the fragmented and disparate nature of the market, frequently makes it difficult to identify the best solution. bespoken acts as a conduit to this information.

To find out more or to join bespoken visit our site - it’s easy to use and totally free.