Blackwood Neighbourhoods for Independent Living

Blackwood Neighbourhoods for Independent Living

Blackwood is leading on a ground-breaking three-year £12.5m neighbourhood based programme to help people live healthier for longer.

The innovative programme will include a range of co-designed workstreams all designed to support healthy ageing and encourage people to take an active role in their ageing journey. To support the programme we have assembled a group of sector leading industrial partners and world class academic partners as well as supportive funding which will enable residents in each of our three demonstrator neighbourhoods to live an additional healthy five years whilst reducing health inequalities.

Our exciting partnership programme in three areas of Scotland focuses on five important healthy ageing challenges:

  • Designing and adapting age friendly homes that are accessible, affordable, beautiful and connected.
  • Sustaining physical activities by providing local people with a range of activities and fun as they exercise and engage with others.
  • Managing common issues of ageing as we offer people products and services to age well, feeling safe and secure in their neighbourhoods, so they can live independently.
  • Supporting social connections by helping people be confident online and offering more choice and control through technology as they connect with others.
  • Creating healthy and active places so that people help design their neighbourhood as a welcoming, accessible and beautiful place to live.

The Project

The three demonstrator neighbourhoods are located in Charleston in Dundee, Cardonald in Glasgow and Buckie in Moray. We will:

3 neighbourhoods map

  • Develop, test, and evaluate existing and new products and services, with partners, that can help people live independently for longer and more productively
  • Develop, test and evaluate how the products combine to create a place-based model of independent living in urban, semi urban and rural settings
  • Prepare to take, or help partners take, the products, services, and model to markets at scale generating revenue


What are we doing in the neighbourhoods?

We will:

  • Using the Blackwood Design guide, we will create homes that adapt as you age.
  • Using the Blackwood Design Guide, we will adapt existing homes to be age friendly and support people with age related health conditions
  • Develop digital products and services that support social connections and help people to manage their own data
  • Provide people with connectivity, devices and digital skills coaching
  • Develop a value exchange model that encourages people to take an active role in their neighbourhood
  • Create outdoor space that encourages physical activity for all ages and supports access to electric bikes and cars
  • Develop a neighbourhood health and wellbeing coaching service to encourage people to sustain physical activities and take an active role in managing their health conditions
  • Provide a range of intergenerational activities aimed at encouraging participation, linked to people’s hobbies, likes and interests
  • Provide a range of group and peer support activities for people living with health conditions
  • Provide a service that supports people with tasks in and around the home

How can I get involved?

For this programme to be successful, we’ll need engagement in our communities, stakeholders and teams. This will take a project team who are aligned to the programme goals and looking to make a genuine and positive impact.

If you want to be part of an innovative programme that makes a difference to communities and you’re looking for your next challenge, please email us for more details.

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