SmartCare Project

Background: In recent years there have been great leaps forward in Telehealth and Telecare, the technology enables people to remain independent in their own home for longer as well as providing peace of mind for family members and home carers. Recent research suggests that 95% of telecare recipients feel safer and more secure within their own home. However much of the focus is on the technology and not the person receiving care. This project is set against the background of rising social isolation, aging population and austerity cuts in local authority care budgets.  These challenges mean that as a society we need to find a way of supporting people within their own homes with less and less resources. 

The SmartCare project aims to build a system that centres on the individual and their needs. The system integrates with carers, health professionals, housing support as well as providing a communication system for family and friends. The system will link to the local community to enable the individual to access services such as gardening, property maintenance and shopping.