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Blackwood Homes support tenants with energy saving tips

New partnership helps tenants save over £3000

A LEADING Scottish housing specialists has partnered with an environmental charity to deliver energy saving information, advice and support to its tenants to help navigate financial hard-ships.

Blackwood Homes and Care has partnered with Changeworks as part of its new service - Housing Association Energy Support Service (HAESS) – which helps tenants better understand their energy bills and how best to save money.

So far, the partnership has supported 55 tenants resulting in over £3,300 savings for Blackwood tenants.

Through valuable coaching from expert advisors, tenants have been provided with advice on managing energy costs and using their home’s gas and electricity efficiently, allowing them to feel empowered whilst living independently.

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Blackwood’s Chief Executive Simon Fitzpatrick said: “Ensuring our tenants feel empowered and supported is at the heart of our mission.

“By partnering with Changeworks, we've been able to offer personalised energy advice that not only saves money but also instils confidence in managing utilities while living independently."

“It is very important to us that even in these times that are financially difficult, our tenants feel confident to continue living independently.

“We know that it will be reassuring for tenants moving forward knowing that additional support and advice is available to them whenever they need it.”

The project has provided tenants with tariff choice and payment method reviews of their energy bills as well as advice on energy saving, managing damp and condensation in their homes and help getting them on to the Priority Services Register, a free service that supports people when their electricity, gas or water supply is interrupted.

Additionally, tenants have received valuable assistance in billing advocacy, escalating complicated billing issues and complaints to ensure that they are not over-paying on their energy bills.

One Blackwood tenant benefited from this service in particular when they received support that helped them succeed in their case against Ombudsman.

A Blackwood tenant shared their gratitude: "It was a big relief to have someone knowledgeable on my side, as I just didn't know where to start."

Morven Masterton, Head of Community Engagement and Energy Advice Services from Changeworks said: “We’ve been working with partners like Blackwood to develop this vital service for tenants.

“It’s been fantastic to see Blackwood, alongside other partners, stepping up to explore how energy support can be provided more sustainably for the sector, so that tenants are able to get additional support and make savings through speaking with our expert advisors.”

“We all share the same goal of supporting and empowering tenants to save energy, access financial support and be affordably warm at home.”

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Changeworks is Scotland’s leading environmental charity and provides advice, information and support to help householder to save energy, be affordably warm and access financial support. They work closely with partners and communities to drive transformation through energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.

Blackwood are specialists in care and housing, empowering individuals to take charge of their lives in residences customised to suit their requirements. With decades of experience, Blackwood offers unparalleled expertise in modifying properties and crafting personalised care plans to reflect each person's individuality.

The housing specialist puts customers at the heart of everything it does, and their satisfaction is critical to Blackwood's success. As a modern, supportive employer it also provides individuals with pathways towards achieving long and rewarding careers in roles that make a positive difference.

For more information on Changeworks, visit: Changeworks | Make Your Home Energy Efficient


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