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Celebrating 10 Years at Blackwood

Natalie and Shannon, two members of staff whose dedication and commitment have led them to celebrate significant milestones; 10 and 5 years with Blackwood. As team leaders at Belses Gardens in Glasgow, their stories shed light on why they've chosen to stay and grow within the Blackwood community.

Natalie's Journey

Natalie's introduction to Blackwood came through a recommendation from her mother-in-law, who worked at the organisation. Initially unfamiliar with the care sector, Natalie embraced the challenge and started as a relief support worker after the birth of her daughter. Over the past 10 years, she transitioned to part-time and then full-time roles before becoming a team leader two years ago.

"One thing that has stood out for me is that my managers have always supported the fact I have a child and have taken this into consideration with my shifts. I was able to advance my career and work around my family commitments," Natalie reflects, highlighting the importance of Blackwood's flexibility in her journey.

Natalie has taken full advantage of Blackwood's commitment to learning and development. "They've always been really supportive," she remarks, emphasising Blackwood's role in facilitating her growth through training and qualifications. She has secured her SVQ2, and SVQ3 with Blackwood, and is now embarking on her SV4 qualification, which Blackwood is supporting her through.

Shannon’s Journey

Shannon's 5 year journey with Blackwood began during college, when a placement opportunity paved the way for her transition to a relief support position. Over the years, she steadily took on roles with increasing responsibility until she reached her current position as a team leader.

"It's just the process of being able to move up," Shannon remarks, reflecting on her progression within the organisation. Central to her growth has been Blackwood's investment in learning and development initiatives. "I did the Blackwood I'm Inspiring course, and I really enjoyed it" she shares. I'm Inspiring is a leadership course aimed at equipping employees with the information to be a strong leader.

Blackwood's Distinctive Features: Flexibility and Growth Opportunities

Natalie and Shannon both attribute their success and longevity at Blackwood to its distinctive features including flexibility and growth opportunities. "It's a good company to work for," Natalie asserts, pointing to the organisation's supportive culture. Shannon echoes this sentiment, emphasising the flexibility afforded to employees in managing their schedules, and the ability to work closely with customers.

In essence, Natalie and Shannon's stories epitomise Blackwood's ethos of fostering growth and learning. Their decade-long journey exemplifies the company's commitment to its employees' well-being and professional development, making Blackwood not just a workplace but a community of individuals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

To find out more about working at Blackwood Homes and Care, visit our dedicated careers page or email your CV to jobs@blackwoodgroup.org.uk

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