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The integration of AI and IoT is revolutionising elder care by offering innovative solutions for monitoring and responding to potential medical emergencies. A recent collaboration among CENSIS, the University of Edinburgh, Mydex, Carebuilder, and Blackwood Homes and Care has led to the development of an AI-powered device that uses smart meter data to monitor the activities of older adults in their homes. This device is currently being trialed in 19 properties across Glasgow, Dundee, and Buckie in Morayshire as part of Blackwood Homes’ Peoplehood project.

We were delighted to welcome BBC's Laura Goodwin to Buckie to show her how the technology works, and the benefits it has for local residents.

Watch the full video below.

The AI tool processes data locally, safeguarding privacy while providing real-time insights into residents well-being. By identifying irregularities early, it reduces the need for constant in-person checks, thus alleviating pressure on healthcare and social services. This proactive approach ensures that medical issues are addressed promptly, potentially preventing more severe health complications.

For family members, this technology offers significant peace of mind. Knowing that their loved ones are being monitored and any unusual behavior will trigger an alert, they can feel assured that help will arrive if needed. This reassurance is invaluable, particularly for those who live far from their elderly relatives.

Blackwood Homes’ Peoplehood project aims to create age-friendly communities supported by advanced technologies. This AI tool is a pivotal component, offering a blueprint for sustainable independent living. Peoplehood emphasises the significance of preempting medical emergencies and the onset of conditions like dementia, enhancing the quality of life for older adults.

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