A Day in the Life of a Team Leader

At 07.45 I receive a handover from the night staff and discuss any issues that may have arisen throughout the night and offer guidance or clarification.

At 8am I read out the staff diary and allocate any tasks to the staff team in relation to GP appointments, hospital visits or social support. After this has been done I organise the shift making sure that the tenants receive their correct care package and that times are running on schedule. I then use the white board to allocate where staff are going and to which resident/tenant they will be supporting that day.

I also allocate a member of staff to carry out the morning medication with myself and we check the medication sheet to determine who get what medication and at what times. After this has been completed we then offer the residents support with their morning routine i.e shower, bath and to get dressed for the day. These tasks usually take up most of the morning as the residents/tenants all receive support at different times of the day.

Between all this I am responsible for the day to day running of the care home for example answering calls from social workers, OT’S, district nurses and all other external agencies.

When the morning shift is complete and organised I then return to my office and respond to my e-mails, carry out supervision sessions, carry out appraisals/meetings.

My remit as a Team Leader is the training in which my responsibilities are to update the training logs, organise training whether it be mandatory or client specific.

I am also responsible for filling out the cost of training forms and the QBR information in relation to training.

I also check Caresys on a daily basis to ensure that the rota is running accordingly to meet the demands of the care home and make any necessary changes as required.

I also check on the key workers to offer guidance and support in relation to the care assessment needs, risk assessments and daily recordings on Caresys. I also allocate time for the key workers to have this completed within a reasonable time scale and make sure they have protected time off the floor to have this complete. 

I also deal with any staffing issues on a daily basis and make sure that any new staff are being offered the correct guidance and support.

I also attend resident reviews with the key worker to ensure that the residents/tenants are happy with their service.

I also deal with any other issues that may arise on the day.