A Day in the Life of a Support Worker

On an early shift I start at 7.45 and have a handover from the previous shift, this is a summary of everything that has happened during the shif tand all other relevant information. This is read from a report generated from our Caresys computer system.

After handover the Duty Manager will allocate and write up on the whiteboard which staff are going to which residents first and also allocate who will be doing the medication round. The Duty Manager will also check the Diary. This holds all appointments for the day and staff are allocated to each appointment.

For continuity we try to have the same two people for the duration of the shift doing medication which involves dispensing medication to residents at given times. Two people carry out this duty - one person to dispense and the other to check and complete the Mars sheets.

There are residents who have care packages at certain times and these take priority over other residents. After this when a resident calls via the Tunstall System it is a first come first serve basis for residents. When we take a call it gets written up on the white board as waiting. When I support residents I write my name up on the white board with the room number beside it, this helps staff to know where each other are and for fire safety reasons.

During the morning I support residents with all aspects of their personal care to get up out of bed, using hoist and slings if necessary. I then shower and dress residents and support them with personal care. Some resident like to have a bath, this would take place during the evening after mealtimes.  If the resident is having breakfast and requires support I will support them with this.

During the shift I will be available to talk to and support District Nurses, doctors or any other visitors to the unit. I also answer phone calls that are received in the duty office from social work, doctors or other outside agencies.

At mealtimes I support residents with their food. This can be helping to support residents with their food or simply observing within the dining room to avoid choking, slips or falls.

I support one of our male residents who requires to have a change of clothes after he eats, generally I would try to get him a full wash at this point and clean clothes on.

Throughout the shift I also do other tasks such as laundry, tidying wardrobes and ensuring residents have support with personal care when needed. I attend hospital, doctor and other clinical appointments.

Within the team I also have to plan social support with residents throughout the month. This gets recorded on our monthly planner and can be anything from a social outing to spending quality time with the resident doing something of their choice.

During each shift I would help to complete our Caresys System typing a summary of the events of the shift for each resident. This is then printed off and used at the handover for the next shift coming on.