Blackwood House

Blackwood House kitchen  

Beautiful. Connected. Accessible. Affordable.

Our new homes are two-bedroom properties with a generous open plan floor space around a central S-shape core of kitchen and bathroom, allowing for freedom of movement for any level of mobility.

The development iboasts shared gardens, raised beds and car parking on site. Integrated fire suppression systems provide peace of mind along with convenient lifts and mobility vehicle storage areas.

The Blackwood House design is further enhanced with bespoke and innovative home automation through our digital support system CleverCogs™ which promotes independent living. 

Home automation allows tenants to take control of things like lighting via their CleverCogs™ device. CleverCogs™ gives a personalised easy to access platform to communicate with carers, family & friends, and access the internet. 

Blackwood’s digital package is supported by our Innovations Team, giving digital skills training to make the most of the CleverCogs™ offer. 

You can learn more about CleverCogs here.

Wifi is fully integrated into the development and accessible to all tenants. 

This Blackwood House sets a new standard for accessible, connected, affordable and beautiful housing in Scotland providing homes that will adapt to tenants needs now and into the future.

For floor plans and principles download our Blackwood House Design Guide