CleverCogs™ Digital System enables you to access many of Blackwood’s services online. It is a customisable system, each cog links you to a new range of services like Care, Health, Local Information, Communication and Entertainment. You simply use the cogs you need, for example the Family and Friends cog so you can video chat or the Health cog so you can access the NHS virtual GP service Near Me or Health Advice from NHS Inform.

As part of the wider Blackwood CleverCogs™ Offer, all tenants can have WiFi connectivity in their home, be offered a Blackwood tablet device, free digital skills training for all levels to get online with confidence and ease as well as the CleverCogs™ Digital System.

Completely personalised

We personalise each and every CleverCogs™ device, so regardless of whether a customer is into gardening, history, music, football or anything else, they can have easy access to things they will enjoy. The boost in confidence people get from using CleverCogs™ can be huge, we can then open up their horizons to a whole new world – this includes things like browsing the web, doing online shopping, using email as well as connecting with family and friends. Customers then have an abundance of choice when shopping, getting news, learning and everything else the internet can offer.

For more information on CleverCogs™ call us on 0131 317 7227.