24/7 and Night Support Digital Support Service

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Blackwood provides a reliable service 24/7 that supports people remotely in both planned and emergency situations using our technology enabled system - CleverCogs™.

We give each customer a device with our CleverCogs system pre-installed and provide training in how to use it.  With this simple, easy to use system a customer can have near immediate remote support without the intrusion or cost of having a family member or carer visit.

This service is an alternative for people who currently have staff that support them at home but would like peace of mind that a carer can be contacted at any time.

The 24/7 and Night Support Digital Support Service will:

  • Support and provide reassurance remotely during the day and night in both a planned and in emergency situations
  • Make planned calls to people as specified in their support plan, to prompt or assist with practical tasks that can be undertaken remotely
  • Provide a home visit in exceptional circumstances (not currently available in all areas)
  • Make contact in the event a home automation device is activated to check if help is needed
  • Seek health care advice on behalf of a service user and/or call emergency services
  • Have systems in place for notification and communication with any other agencies or carers that provide support to the service user

Once someone applies for or is referred to the service the service will:

  • Undertake an assessment to establish if the technology enabled care system meets their requirements
  • Initially spend time with the service users and their families/carers so they can learn about the service and start to trust it as an alternative to relying on staff being in their home overnight
  • Install the technology enabled care system CleverCogs in people’s homes which includes installing WiFi
  • Maintain the technology enabled care system required to provide this service

How do I access the service?

The service can be accessed as a private customer or via a referral from a health professional such as a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist. They will carry out an assessment and financial assessment to access funding for the service.

Currently the service is provided in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. For more information please complete the form below and one of the team will get back to you. Alternatively call 0131 317 7227 or email BlackwoodResponderService@blackwoodgroup.org.uk.

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