Peoplehood Partners

Our partners are industry experts and committed to working with Blackwood and citizens to deliver healthy ageing neighbourhoods and co-design of the products and services.

Cisco logo


Cisco International Ltd would like to test how its network technologies can help to reduce social isolation, improve digital literacy for vulnerable, and create a citizen-centric digital environment.


Carebuilder logo

Carebuilder UK will provide a digital platform that can improve lives, avoiding unnecessary reliance on expensive care systems and helping organisations invest more in prevention to save costs in the future.


Enterprise logo

Enterprise Rent-a-Car UK believe shared use of vehicles will enable the ageing population to have access to a range of mobility options. Keeping themselves mobile and taking away the financial burden of owning a vehicle.

Canon logo

Canon Medical Research Europe want to see how they can start to link information and systems in the home to other health and care systems and use technology to enable independent living.



University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh believe this aligns with their ‘Future Health and Care’ innovation theme which aims to transform how care is delivered for older people living at home or in supported care environments. It will include the use of Innovative A.I. & Machine Learning to a Value Exchange model to encourage and reward participation.


Datalab logo


The DataLab will provide data science support to Blackwood and the project partners, with expertise on AI and Data to help improve decision making and operations.


Censis logo

CENSIS will support the project to provide expert advice and maximize the benefits of using sensor and IoT technologies to enable better model of community living for healthy ageing.


Mydex logo

Mydex CIC will provide verified identity and personal data stores for the citizens taking part in the project. The Mydex PDS will enable data sharing for many of the products and services making it safe, secure and easy for our ageing population to access and use these them.

Lewis & Hickey logo


Lewis & Hickey Architects been involved with Blackwood over a number of years now helping to develop the concept of independent living through adaptable design and integration of technology in the Blackwood House and Design Guide.