Blackwood Design Awards

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A celebration of a decade of innovation - where great design meets independent living.

Launched a decade ago, in 2013, as the Blackwood Student Design Competition, the Blackwood Design Awards are now an annual fixture, attracting innovations and inventions from tech hubs, universities, and a host of other sources from across the world.

Previous winners have delivered vital life aids for people who are ageing or have disabilities, including an app that makes living spaces safer for people with dementia and a ‘spill-proof’ spoon for those affected by conditions which cause them to shake.

Past winners have included the Mountain Trike, the eye controlled wheelchair and the S’up Spoon. It’s not about being high tech; it’s about making the biggest impact on people’s independence.

The 2023/4 Blackwood Design Awards took place on January 11th in Edinburgh.

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