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The Blackwood Lab is researching and developing revolutionary, innovative products and services to help people live more independently. From an enhanced care system that can dispense medication, open blinds and call friends and family across the world - you need to see what else we are doing!

The Huburbs


Gamification and modelling are not usually the words we would associate with housing and care. However, our game the huburbs seeks to bring the world of housing management to a different level. What happens when you invest in a community? Do new boilers raise tenant satisfaction? What happens if tenants fail to pay their rent or what impact does raising rent levels have? These are some of the challenges played out in the huburbs as you build and manage your virtual community.

More and more games are used to gain feedback from customers across all types of industries. They help gain valuable insights into complex problems and in most cases are pretty fun to. In the case of the huburbs we are looking at how financial models work and the impact investment may have on a community.

If you would like a demo of The Huburbs please contact us today.