Board and Committees

Blackwood’s Board is currently made up of 12 members, some of whom are also tenants of the organisation. The Board is responsible with management team for agreeing the strategic direction. The Board and its 3 sub-committees also (diagram below) monitor the performance and ensure that the business is financial sustainable.

Copies of our Board and Committee minutes can be found here.

Board Diagram   


Executive Management Team

Blackwood has a Executive Management Team (diagram below) which manages its regional structure and provides central support for each region. They are responsible for implementing the strategic direction..                                                         

A Table showign the structure of Blackwood executive management. This is a Chief Executive, overseeing a Director of Customer Service, overseeing 2 Heads of Customer Service. Finance Director overseeing a Finance Manager and a Business Solutions Manager. A head of HR and OD managing a HR Manager. A Head of Business Services. And Finally a Development and Commercial Director overseeing a Property Investment Manager, and a Head of Innovation who in turn oversees an Innovation Delivery Manager.