CleverCogs My Tenancy Guide

Welcome to your CleverCogs guide where you can watch helpful videos and learn what you can do with CleverCogs on your device.

An overview of your device and CleverCogs

In this video we'll be covering the basics of your device, from turning it on, what the buttons do and using the settings. 

Connecting your tablet to the Wi-Fi

This is a short video covering how to log in to your Wi-Fi.

My device wont turn on

If your device won't turn on it's most likely it just needs charged. This video is a quick guide in charging and turning on your device. 

The CleverCogs My Tenancy Landing Screen

This is a short video where we will learn how to navigate to CleverCogs.

Raising a minor repair with CleverCogs

In this video we can learn how to use the repair function of CleverCogs. 

Making Payments with CleverCogs 

 A short video checking past rent, seeing a breakdown of charges, setting up a direct debit, make one off payments and sending an arrears repayment request.