Gas Safety

If you smell gas:

  • put out cigarettes. Do not use matches or naked flames
  • do not operate electrical switches or doorbells
  • open all doors and windows and keep them open until the gas escape has been stopped
  • check to see if the gas tap has been left on accidentally or whether a pilot light has gone out
  • phone National Grid UK on 0800 111 999 to report the escape

An annual safety check is carried out on all our properties with gas central heating systems. You are legally obliged to let the contractor into your home to service the boiler. This is because it is vital to your safety and your family and neighbours' safety.

If you have gas central heating our contractor will call you directly to arrange an appointment to service the boiler. 

Carbon Monoxide

Faulty appliances can produce carbon monoxide which is poisonous. Every property with gas central heating is fitted with a carbon monoxide detector. If your detector is faulty, call Kingdom Gas directly on 0800 389 9463.

To protect yourself:

  • never use a gas appliance if you think it is not working properly. Signs to look out for include yellow or orange flames, soot or stains around the appliance, and pilot lights which frequently blow out
  • never cover an appliance or block the vents
  • make sure there is adequate ventilation, which is essential if the appliance is to operate safely
  • never block or cover outside flues
  • don't delay in providing access to our service engineers when this has been requested
  • if you have any doubt about the safety of your gas appliances contact us straight away

Dealing With Pests

In Your Home

You are responsible for dealing with pests such as mice, ants or wasps in your home or garden. If pests are getting into your home, you can let us know. We can arrange for any gaps and holes to be sealed, but we will not treat the pests for you.

If you are unsure about treating the pests yourself you can contact your local council's Environmental Services department. They will give you free advice but they may charge you for treating the pests.

In communal areas

We are responsible for dealing with pests in our communal areas, such as bin stores or stairwells. Let us know if you have any problems with pests in these areas and we will carry out the necessary work.

Fire Safety

We ask that you please ensure that common stairs and areas are kept clear at all times and free from obstructions

Keep rubbish, old furniture, prams and wheelchairs etc. out of common areas.  Please contact your local authority if you require a bulk uplift

We will ensure that storage areas are kept locked. 

Avoid storing bins adjacent to windows, fire escapes and communal entries.

Refrain from storing any flammable items within your property or outbuildings.  The Scottish Fire Service offer free home fire safety visits. Please visit their website to request a visit: