Mutual Exchange

We hope that you will be happy in your home, and that it will continue to suit your needs for many years to come. However if your circumstances change and you need or want to move, we can help you to explore other options.

You have the right to exchange your home with another tenant. You can exchange with another Blackwood Homes tenant from any part of the country, or a tenant of another housing association or local authority. You must get permission of the other landlord as well as our permission, which we can refuse in certain circumstances.

For more information about mutal exchange, contact your Housing Officer for advice about how to go about this, and to find out any conditions which may apply to your property.


If you want to move to another Blackwood home, you will need to complete an application form to get yourself registered on our housing list. You can contact your Housing Officer for more information about our Allocations policy and to request an application form.

We operate a points system to determine who is the most in need. Your Housing Officer can explain how your points have been worked out and if you are likely to qualify for a transfer.