Who is responsible for what?

Your Tenancy Agreement provides a full list of which repairs we (the landlord) are responsible for, and which repairs you (the tenant) are responsible for. The majority of them are our responsibility however the ones you are responsible for include: 

  • replacing light bulbs, including fluorescent tubes and starters
  • replacing lost or broken keys
  • unblocking sinks and drains caused by carelessness, eg food waste
  • decorating your home 
  • replacing plugs and chains on sinks and baths 
  • repairing damage to our property caused by you, your family or your visitors

If you ask us to attend to a repair which is your responsibilty we will charge you for the work.

Your Right to Repair

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives you the right for certain repairs to be carried out within a given timescale.

We will tell you when a repair falls in the Right to Repair category. If we do not carry out the repair within the timescale, you may be entitled to compensation.

A Scottish Government leaflet called Right to Repair explains the scheme.

You can download our leaflet Your Right to Repair here for more information on response times.

Repairs for Newly Built Houses

If you move into a house within 12 months of it being built it is important to report any repairs to us immediately. You still report repairs to us, but the builder may be responsible for prioritising and attending to the repair. We ask that you do not decorate your new home within the first 12 months. It is common for timber and plaster to shrink during this period and, as a result, cracks may appear on walls.