Planned Maintenance

Every year we carry out planned improvements to our properties, to replace or refurbish different elements of the home such as the kitchen, windows, bathrooms and heating.

In 2017/18, we are investing £1.5m in refurbishment and replacement works.

Some of this work includes:


  • Charlotte Hill Court, Larbert
  • Keir Hardie Street, Methil
  •  Alpin Road, Dundee
  • Bank Court, Invergordon
  • Castlegate House, Dingwall 
  • Baker Street, Glasgow

External lighting

  • Broom Court, Stirling

Kitchens & Boilers

  • Gourdie Place, Dundee

Windows & Doors

  • Gladstone Court, Hamilton

2017-2020 Programme

We identify what works are needed in advance by inspecting our properties and assessing how long elements like kitchens should last, and how much this should cost Blackwood.

This process is very important as it ensures that our properties are in the best condition possible for the benefit of our customers. It also allows us to meet the regulatory requirements of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard for example.

We are currently putting our Planned Maintenance Programme together for the next 3 years, and are planning to invest around £4.7m in improving our homes.  Once the programme has been finalised, we will write to the tenants in the homes to be included, and will publish a copy of the programme on our website and in our newsletter.