Decorating and Furnishing

You are responsible for decorating and furnishing your home and keeping it in a good condition. If you move into a brand new property we ask that you do not decorate for the first 12 months. It is common for timber and plaster to shrink in this time and cracks can then appear on the walls. We will carry out an inspection after 12 months and confirm that you can decorate. 

Your responsibilities will be made clear throughout your tenancy (during Annual Visits and at other times) and will be reconfirmed to you during the notice of termination period. 

Blackwood will recharge outgoing tenants for any redecoration costs required to the property which are due to tenant damage, disrepair or neglect.

However, where an outgoing tenant leaves a property in such an excellent state of repair and decoration that only statutory checks and security works are required, the outgoing tenant will be rewarded with a £50 High Street voucher, provided the outgoing tenant has no outstanding debt or liability to Blackwood.

Blackwood manages a small number of furnished tenancies.  This would be reflected within the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.  The same conditions reagrding decoration of your home would also apply to any furnishings that are owned by Blackwood.If you are having any difficulty, maintaining your decoration or furnishings, within your home please “contact us”.  A visit from your Housing Officer can be arranged to offer support in contacting other agencies and give advice and assistance to enable you to sustain your tenancy.

Improving your Estate

We aim to keep the grounds of our developments looking good and we work with tenants to make improvements. Your Housing Officer and/or your Estate Officer will: 

  • invite you to join him or her on annual, or more frequent, estate walkabouts
  • work with tenants and tenant groups to improve the estate
  • check the appearance of the area and make sure that grounds maintenance and other communal areas are being maintained to a satisfactory standard. 

If you notice any damage on your estate, or experience issues such as graffiti, dumped rubbish or abandoned cars, please Contact Us to report it.