Gardens and Parking


We are responsible for the upkeep of communal gardens and work with tenants to set standards for the contractor. Tenants pay a service charge for the maintenance and we work with tenants to review the standards from time to time, or if there is a problem. 

Some tenant groups have taken collective responsibility for the maintenance of the communal grounds around their development. We can work with tenant groups to support them to do this. 

If your property has a private garden, you are responsible for its maintenance. If you are unable to manage this, we may be able to arrange for the work to be carried out for you and any costs will be charged to you. 

Car parking 

When you become a tenant you will be advised about the car parking arrangements at your development. Generally, if you occupy a ground-floor property designed for wheelchair users you will have a dedicated car space. For all other properties, there is a communal car parking and we ask that you use the spaces considerately. You must not park caravans, trailers or large work vehicles in communal areas without asking for our permission first.

Tenants should not carry out extensive vehicle repairs or servicing either at their home or in the communal areas.