Gas Safety Checks

Gas Safety Checks

Putting our customers first is at the heart of what we do.

Blackwood Homes and Care are committed to keeping you safe in your home. This means ensuring all gas safety checks are up to date within your home at all times.

As a Blackwood tenant, you are legally obliged to let our gas contractor into your home to service the boiler. This is vital to your safety, your family, and your neighbours. Faulty appliances can produce carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. Every Blackwood property that contains a gas appliance is installed with a carbon monoxide detector and is serviced as part of the boiler service.

When your home’s gas safety check is due, our gas contractor “Richard Irvine FM” will send you a letter with a fixed appointment. The letter includes details on how to contact the contractor if you need to re-arrange the appointment.

As Blackwood has a legal duty to ensure the safety of your home, should you refuse access or do not keep to scheduled appointments, an assisted entry (that includes replacing locks) may be required. Under your tenancy agreement, you will be charged for any associated costs. This, of course, is always a last resort, and we will always make reasonable efforts to gain access at a suitable time.

If you need to change an appointment; you can email the contractor: Alternatively, you can phone them on 0131 654 4400 to change an appointment.